Comprehensive review article published on the journal “Cell Cycle”

We thank the editorial board of the “Cell Cycle” journal (*) for the publication of our review article entitled “Cell Cycle Control by the Insulin-like Growth Factor Signal: At the Crossroad between Cell Growth and Mitotic Regulation”. (*)…/10…/15384101.2022.2108117). 

Peer reviewers have defined it, respectively, “a remarkable piece of work” and a “nice and comprehensive review” on “the cell growth/mitotic regulation by the insulin-like growth factors signal”.

Indeed, the IGF ligands and receptors signal play a central role in pathological growth/proliferative conditions like cancer, and their signal constitutes a central molecular resistance mechanism adopted by the majority of solid cancers following therapeutic molecular targeting of most non-IGF signaling pathways.  

This suggests that IGFs signal co-targeting solutions overcoming previous models and reflecting the actual biology of this system represents an underscored objective in current pathway-driven cancer therapeutics. Consequently, a better understanding of the IGF growth/mitotic-regulatory signal based upon established experimental and clinical evidences remain a key goal towards more effective anti-cancer smart therapies.

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