Our scientific production by numbers

While thanking each and everyone who decided to support our independent research, we’d like to reflect on the achievements of our team in the last five years in light of the goals planned ahead in collaboration with our domestic and international partners.

Please check the ISOPROG-Somatolink EPFP Intl Research Network by numbers

18 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the last five years in the areas of which 12 indexed under Scopus and available on PubMed Central (PMC) with an average impact factor of 4.86 in the areas of molecular biology, protein and nucleic acids (RNA, DNA) biochemistry, cancer biomarkers discovery, gene expression and molecular gene transcription studies, experimental basic and translational oncology, preclinical pharmacology, molecular endocrinology, biotechnology and personalized biobanking regulatory operational models along with novel ethical and operational models for personalized genomic research.

Strengthened by such consistent results we renew our request for your support which in Italy includes the choice of our non profit research organization ISOPROG ETS [CF 92063740853] for your choice of tax deductible 5×1000 donation. Thank you!

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