Partnerhip and Education

US partnerships and collaborations
Since 2022: Life Science of Philadelphia Association, USA
Since 2018: Temple University – College of Science and Technology, USA
Since 2017: Affiliation (as co-founding institutional partner) with Somatolink Foundation, Public
Benefit Corporation, Philadelphia, PA USA
2015-2023: Temple University – Sbarro Research Institute (USA), Philadelphia, PA, USA- Affiliate

Italian partnerships and collaborations
2021: Politecnico Milano, Engineering and Architecture Department, ITA
2021: Università Insubria di Varese, Environmental engineering Dept, ITA
Since 2020: Parco Scientifico Tecnologico di Sicilia (PSTS) – a public-private consortia, ITA
Since 2020: ICT Learning Solution srl (CISCO Academy partner), ITA
Since 2020: CNR
Since 2017: ASEM srl, Treviso (ITA)
2016: Università di Palermo – Dept of Natural Sciences
2016: Fondazione Universita’ Kore di Enna, ITA

** Education and Trainig **

ISOPROG ETS and its structured partner in the USA (Somatolink Foundation PBC) are part of the Alliance for Environment/Energy, Health, Science and Innovation of the Mediterranean district (AEHSIM), a programmatic collaboration aimed at consolidating the identity and infrastructure of a new academic ecosystem and scientific research in the STEM sectors for the Mediterranean district.
In this context, the scientists of the ISOPROG-Somatolink network, already involved as teachers in the
US academic circuit, together with academic and private partners in the world of research and
higher education support the AEHSIM Academy project.
Under this aegis, in addition to the consolidation of structured academic paths between the USA and the EU (Mediterranean district), the ISOPROG ETS research body contributes both to scientific dissemination conference initiatives and to training initiatives also in the ECM context.

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