Experimental method developed by our team published on Bioprotocol

Streamlining the study of novel cellular proteins and their specific interacting protein partners is a key goal of basic life sciences. This was accomplished for a poorly known variant of an oncogenic protein sub-domain referred as Degron and responsible for the rapid protein clearance upon flagging mediated via a process called ubiquitination. 
Our lab protocol has been designed and proven to speed up discovery of unknown Degron domains interactors and regulators ultimately allowing to understand how key oncogenic proteins are expressed out of normal context and confer competitive growth functional advantages.
Our peer reviewed protocol has allowed both the identification of a novel cancer variant of a Ubiquitin flagging enzyme (E3 ubiquitin Ligase) called DTX3c (Scalia et al Intl J Mol Sci 2023 PMID. And GenBank ID. ) as well as the first known example of a new mechanism of regulation for Receptor tyrosine Kinase protein expression we called OverExpression by Degradation Rescue (OEDR) (Scalia et al 2023, https://www.frontiersin.org/…/fonc.2023.1278402/full… ). 

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